VVOODS Representation

About Us

VVOODS is on a mission.

To sustain local manufacturing.

To create high quality, functional products.

To be environmentally conscious.

To offer personal customer care, offering a bespoke service to meet clients design requirements.


A shared passion for design and sustainability are the foundation of VVOODS.

Helen Cooper and Gareth Walsh founded VVOODS in 2013.

Helen who studied Textile and Surface Design joined forces with Gareth, a visual artist, designer and professor at UCLA's Design Media Arts department.

With a shared history rooted in art, design, product development and manufacturing, they bring together a wealth of creative and industry experience.

Both from the UK, Helen and Gareth moved to Los Angeles in 2005.

Their love for the city meant sourcing a production house in Los Angeles. Domestic manufacturing has a far lighter impact on the environment than foreign imports and supporting local craftsmanship became one of their founding factors.

An integral part of their business is customer service and overseeing every aspect of production ensures that personal touch.

"Local craftsmanship means working together. This creates a fun environment for us, so that we can offer a great personal customer service to you. I love working directly with customers and offering a bespoke service. We can adapt the furniture designs from our production house to meet your specific requirements." - Helen.

Working closely with our production house, each piece of VVOODS furniture is handmade using vintage wood rescued from local buildings slated for demolition. Having fallen in love with the tight grain and aged patina of this Californian old-growth wood, the manufacturing process preserves the distinctive knots, nail holes and weathered scars, giving our furniture a look and feel that can not be replicated in new wood.

Solidly constructed and beautifully finished using non-toxic materials, VVOODS focus is on ecological manufacturing with the simplicity of good design.

VVOODS aims to deliver quality and longevity.  Offering furniture that is functional yet timeless in appeal.

"We began with the passionate belief that you don't have to compromise your sense of style to help preserve the earth's resources. I respect the properties of the reclaimed material and put a lot of care into the design and construction of each piece of furniture." - Gareth.